COVID-19 Daily Update - July 22, 2020

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July 22, 2020



 July 22, 2020



Throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis, the team at Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs has been communicating, in real time, with our clients on all major announcements and circumstances impacting their specific sectors.  We will, of course, continue to rapidly provide such industry specific information, as such circumstances warrant.

As an additional resource for our clients and interested parties, this Arizona COVID-19 Daily Update is intended to provide a broader perspective on the COVID-19 response in Arizona.


Arizona Numbers  UPDATED DAILY

Number of Cases:

150,609 - as compared to 148,683 (7/21)

Tracking of the Daily Increase in New Positive Arizona COVID-19 Cases:  

7/22 - 1,926 (+1.3%)

7/21 - 3,500 (+2.4%)

7/20 - 1,559 (+1.1%)

7/19 - 2,359 (+1.7%)

7/18 - 2,742 (+2.0%) 

7/17 - 3,910 (+2.9%)

7/16 - 3,259 (+2.5%)

7/15 - 3,257 (+2.5%)

7/14 - 4,273 (+3.5%) 

7/13 - 1,357 (+1.1%)

7/12 - 2,537 (+2.1%)

7/11 - 3,038 (+2.6%)

7/10 - 4,221 (+3.7%)

  7/9 - 4,057 (3.7%)

  7/8 - 3,520

  7/7 - 3,653

  7/6 - 3,352

  7/5 - 3,536

  7/4 - 2,695

  7/3 - 4,433

  7/2 - 3,333

  7/1 - 4,878


Number of Deaths:

2,974 (+56) - as compared to 2,918 (7/21) 

Number of Tests:

1,027,125 - as compared to 1,019,120 (7/21) 

Hospital Assets In-Use:  

Acute Care Beds:  84%, up from yesterday’s 83%

ICU Beds:  86%, up from yesterday’s 85%

Ventilators:  50%, up from yesterday’s 49%


Arizona Department of Health Services - Coronavirus Home

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code


Governor and Government Agency News Releases

Governor Ducey Provides Recommendations on Congressional COVID-19 Relief Package - Office of the Governor  NEW

Governor Ducey Announces $975,000 From AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund to Support Homeless Arizonans - Office of the Governor  NEW

Arizonans Encouraged to Take Advantage of Free COVID-19 Surge Testing Opportunities in the Phoenix Area - Arizona Department of Health Services  NEW

Municipal Government Face Coverings Declarations - League of Arizona Cities and Towns  ONGOING



Political Potpourri  UPDATED DAILY

Women, Parents of Young Kids Have More Mental Distress in COVID-19 Lockdown - United Press International

Bingeing on Doom: Expert on the ‘Black Death’ Attracts Cult Following - Kaiser Health News

Scientists Want to Know More About Using UV Light to Fight COVID-19 Spread - Kaiser Health News 

Sports Have Been on Pause. It’s Time for a Reboot - New York Times 

Some Fitness Instructors Say They Don’t Feel Safe at Work. How Should Gym Members React? - The Washington Post




Arizona News Stories  UPDATED DAILY

Focus on Public Health 

Here's Why Some Arizonans Are Waiting 12 Days for COVID-19 Results - The Arizona Republic  

'I Need to Work and Pay Rent': Workers Are Seeking Surge Test Sites for Faster Results - The Arizona Republic  

Gaggle Podcast: COVID-19 is Ravaging Immigrant Detention Centers in Arizona - The Arizona Republic

Arizona Effort Aims to Help Families Facing 'Astronomical' Stress - KJZZ

Vaccine Makers Deny Political Pressure in Race for Safe, Effective Shot - Arizona Mirror 

Researchers Investigating Possible Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19 - The Arizona Republic 

Focus on Governor and Agency Enforcement

Ducey Asks Supreme Court to Throw Out Bar Owners' Challenge to His Power - Arizona Daily Star

Focus on Economy and Unemployment

What Kyrsten Sinema, Martha McSally Want Included in the Next COVID-19 Relief Package - The Arizona Republic 

AZ Homeless Services Receive Coronavirus Relief Funding - KJZZ

Maricopa County Offers COVID-19 Grants to Small Businesses, Nonprofits - KJZZ

The City of Phoenix Has $15 Million in Free Money for Businesses and Can't Give it Away - The Arizona Republic 

Coronavirus Takes Down 2020 Tucson Comic-Con - Arizona Daily Star

Focus on Education

Arizona Schools Chief in Message to Ducey: COVID-19 Data Should Drive the State's Decision to Reopen Schools - The Arizona Republic 

COMMENTARY: Arizona Students Must Be Given In-Person School Option This Fall - The Arizona Republic

TUSD Hosts Virtual Town Halls to Answer Questions About School Reopenings - Arizona Daily Star

Parents, Students Weigh in on the AZ School Reopening Debate - KJZZ

Maricopa County Health Officials Issue Guidance on Masks in Schools - KJZZ




National News Stories  UPDATED DAILY

Focus on Public Health

U.S. Sees 6th Straight Day With 60,000 New COVID-19 Cases - United Press International

Country Returns to 1,000 Deaths in a Day and Officials Warn Pandemic Will Only Get Worse - CNN

U.S. Reports Over 1,000 Daily Coronavirus Deaths for the First Time Since May - Axios

CDC: U.S. COVID-19 Case Count 6 to 24 Times Higher Than Reported - United Press International

US Coronavirus Infections Likely 10 Times Higher Than Reported - TheHill

Coronavirus Infections Much Higher Than Reported Cases in Parts of U.S., Study Shows - New York Times 

Trump Says Virus in US Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better - Associated Press 

Trump Acknowledges Virus Will Likely “Get Worse Before it Gets Better” - Axios

Trump Admits Coronavirus Crisis 'May Get Worse Before it Gets Better' - Washington Times 

Trump Urges Mask Use, Warns Coronavirus Pandemic Will Get Worse - National Public Radio

Trump Says Coronavirus Will 'Get Worse Before it Gets Better’ - TheHill

Pandemic Likely to ‘Get Worse Before it Gets Better,’ Trump Says in Somber Return to Coronavirus Briefing - The Washington Post

Fauci says He Wasn’t Invited to Trump’s Coronavirus Press Briefing - Axios

Fauci Says Turning Around U.S. COVID-19 Outbreaks is 'Not Rocket Science’ - Newsweek 

5 Takeaways From Trump’s Return to the Coronavirus Briefing Stage - The Washington Post 

Coronavirus Infections Far Higher Than Confirmed But Most Americans Still Not Exposed - National Public Radio 

Building Trust Key to Closing Gap in Healthcare for Seniors of Color, Experts Say - United Press International

Virus Hits Frontline Workers in Taxed Public Health System - Associated Press

How an At-Home Test for COVID-19 Could Help Control the Pandemic - National Public Radio

COVID-19 Spiked Where Restaurants, Bars and Gyms Reopened Earliest - Newsweek 

Silent Spread of Virus Keeps Scientists Grasping for Clues - Associated Press 

Essential and in Danger: Coronavirus Sickens, Even Kills Public Health Workers - Kaiser Health News

White House Says Trump Gets Tested ‘Multiple Times a Day’ for Coronavirus - POLITICO

Focus on Education 

Schools Reopening Amid Coronavirus: What the U.S. Can Learn - Time

Los Angeles School Superintendent on Reopening Remotely - Axios

School Reopening ‘Strings’ Bedevil Stimulus Talks - POLITICO

Colleges Are Getting Ready to Blame Their Students - The Atlantic

A Coronavirus Surge is Changing Colleges' Fall Reopening Plans - National Public Radio

Focus on State and Local Governments 

California Surpasses New York as State With Most Coronavirus Cases in U.S. - US News & World Report

Huntington Beach is a Symbol of Mask Resistance - Los Angeles Times

Brian Kemp, Georgia Gov.: Hospitals Will Shut Down if Localities Flout COVID-19 Orders - Washington Times

Two Georgia Judges Recuse Themselves From Challenge to Atlanta Mask Mandate - United Press International

Convent Outside Detroit Lost 13 Nuns to COVID-19 With 12 Dying in One Month - CNN 

N.Y., N.J., Connecticut Now Say Travelers From 31 Hot Spot States Must Quarantine - National Public Radio

U.S. Northeast, Pummeled in the Spring, Now Stands Out in Virus Control - New York Times

Bill de Blasio Coronavirus Hospital Treated 79 Patients, Costs $52 Million - Washington Times

Texas Covid-19 Hot Spot is Facing a 'Tsunami' of Patients, Overwhelming Hospitals - CNN

Focus on Vaccine

Some Vaccine Makers Say They Plan to Profit From Coronavirus Vaccine - New York Times

U.S. Gov't, Pfizer, BioNTech Reach Deal to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine  - United Press International 

U.S. to Pay Pfizer, BioNTech $1.95 Billion for Millions of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses - Reuters

U.S. Charges Chinese Hackers for Targeting COVID-19 Research - Axios

5 Key Takeaways From Tuesday's Big Coronavirus Vaccine Hearing - POLITICO

Why Scientists Are Turning to Another Virus to Stop COVID-19 - TheHill

Focus on Economy and Unemployment

U.S. Virus Surge in June Preceded by May Surge in Yelp Entries for Bars, Restaurants - Reuters 

The Pandemic Isn’t Bringing Back Factory Jobs, at Least Not Yet - New York Times

Progressives Ramp Up Pressure on $600 Unemployment Benefits - TheHill

It 'Looks Very Scary for Renters' as Federal Eviction Relief Expiration Nears - National Public Radio

The Second Wave of Essential Workers - Axios

COVID-19 Stimulus: McConnell Supports Second Round of Direct Payments - United Press International

White House, Senate Republicans Far Apart on Stimulus Talks - Axios

Congress and White House At Odds Over Pandemic Aid Bill - National Public Radio

Farmers Call on Congress Pass COVID-19 Relief - United Press International

Republicans Battle Over COVID-19 Package's Big Price Tag - TheHill

White House, GOP in Disarray Over Coronavirus Spending Plan as Deadline Nears on Expiring Emergency Aid - The Washington Post

Democrats Poke GOP Over Coronavirus Relief: Where's Your Bill? - TheHill

Coronavirus Talks Fracture GOP Unity - TheHill




International News Stories  UPDATED DAILY

No Easy Approval of EU Stimulus Deal, Says Parliament Head - Reuters

Aid From Top Donors Drops Even as Need Soars - Associated Press

Australian State Reports 1-Day Record 484 Cases - Associated Press

How Tiny Uruguay, Wedged Between Brazil and Argentina, Has Avoided the Worst of the Coronavirus - The Washington Post

China Uses W.H.O. Inquiry to Tout Coronavirus Response - New York Times

Mike Pompeo Says Britons Died From COVID-19 Because WHO 'Bought' by China - Newsweek

Brazil's Bolsonaro Tests Positive for the Novel Coronavirus Again - Reuters



Arizona Department of Health Service Guidance 

Requirements for Business  

Guidance for Organized Youth Activities 

Guidance for Casinos

Guidance for Theaters

Guidance for Shopping Malls 

Guidance for Places of Worship

Guidance for Spas, Massage Therapists and Personal Services

Guidance for Retail

Guidance for Pools

Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Providers

Guidance for Restaurants Providing Dine-In Services

Guidance for Barbers and Cosmetologists




Arizona Department of Education Guidance 

Roadmap for Reopening Schools

Considerations for Leaders in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Teachers in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Students in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Families in Reopening Schools




Pandemics Explained - Harvard Global Health Institute 

The COVID Tracking Project  

COVID-19 - Receiving IRS Economic Impact Payments -  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

COVID-19 State Action Center - National Academy for State Health Policy 

COVID-19 Screening Tool - Apple and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill:  What It Means For States - National Conference of State Legislatures  

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act:  Summary of Key Health Provisions - Kaiser Family Foundation  

Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience:  Massive Scale Testing, Tracing, and Supported Isolation (TTSI) as the Path to Pandemic Resilience for a Free Society - Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University


Gubernatorial Executive Orders Issued to Date

Continued Postponement of Eviction Enforcement Actions - July 16, 2020 

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - July 9, 2020  

Limited Indoor Dining - July 9, 2020  

Extending the Termination Date of Programs - July 1, 2020 

Protecting Public Health for Students and Teachers - June 29, 2020  

Pausing of Arizona’s Reopening - June 29, 2020  

Renewal of Executive Order 2020-27 (The Good Samaritan Order) - June 25, 2020  

2020-2021 School Year - June 24, 2020 

Containing the Spread of COVID-19, Continuing Arizona Mitigation Efforts - June 17, 2020 

Ensuring Statewide Access to Care for COVID-19 Arizona Surge Line - May 28, 2020 

Assisting Arizona Families with Child Care - May 28, 2020  

Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger – May 12, 2020 

Reporting By Nursing Care Institutions, Residential Care Institutions, ICF-IIDs And DD Medical Group Homes To Residents And Families Regarding COVID-19 – May 4, 2020  

Building On COVID-19 Success - Resuming Additional  Business Operations for Barbers, Cosmetologists and Dine-in Restaurants – May 4, 2020  

Return Stronger — Amending the Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Order – April 29, 2020  

Requesting Exemption From Executive Order 2020-10 Elective Surgeries – April 22, 2020 

Expanding Food Options for Commercial Vehicle Drivers - April 15, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - April 14, 2020

Increased Telemedicine Access for Workers’ Compensation - April 14, 2020

On the Job Training for Assisted Living Facility Caregivers - April 14, 2020

The “Good Samaritan Order” Protecting Frontline Healthcare Workers Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak - April 9, 2020

Remote Online Notarization - April 8, 2020

Flexible Food Item &. Sale of Goods at Restaurants - April 8, 2020

Requirements for Individuals Traveling to Arizona - April 8, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - April 8, 2020

Protection of Vulnerable Residents at Nursing Care Institutions, Residential Care Institutions, ICF-IIDs and DD Medical Group Homes from COVID-19 - April 8, 2020

Prohibiting Small Business Evictions - April 7, 2020

Expanding Access to Pharmacies - April 2, 2020

Telemedicine for Pets and Animals - April 1, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected - March 30, 2020

Continuity of Work - March 26, 2020

Increasing Hospital Capacity for COVID-19 Preparedness - March 26, 2020

Expansion of Telemedicine - March 25, 2020

Postponement of Eviction Actions - March 24, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - March 23, 2020

Prohibiting the Closure of Essential Services - March 23, 2020

Ensuring Individuals Whose Employment is Affected by COVID-19 Have Access to Unemployment Insurance - March 20, 2020

Delaying Elective Surgeries to Conserve Personal Protective Equipment Necessary to Test and Treat Patients with COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

Limiting the Operations of Certain Businesses to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

Limiting In-Person Motor Vehicle Division Visits for License Driver Renewals - March 19, 2020

Protective Measures to Protect Against COVID-19 - March 19, 2020


County Government Resources 

Apache County

Cochise County

Coconino County

Gila County

Graham County

Greenlee County

La Paz County

Maricopa County

Mohave County

Navajo County

Pima County

Pinal County

Santa Cruz County

Yavapai County

Yuma County