COVID-19 Daily Update - July 23, 2020

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July 23, 2020



 July 23, 2020



Throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis, the team at Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs has been communicating, in real time, with our clients on all major announcements and circumstances impacting their specific sectors.  We will, of course, continue to rapidly provide such industry specific information, as such circumstances warrant.

As an additional resource for our clients and interested parties, this Arizona COVID-19 Daily Update is intended to provide a broader perspective on the COVID-19 response in Arizona.


Arizona Numbers  UPDATED DAILY

Number of Cases:

152,944 - as compared to 150,609 (7/22)

Tracking of the Daily Increase in New Positive Arizona COVID-19 Cases:  

7/23 - 2,335 (+1.6%)

7/22 - 1,926 (+1.3%)

7/21 - 3,500 (+2.4%)

7/20 - 1,559 (+1.1%)

7/19 - 2,359 (+1.7%)

7/18 - 2,742 (+2.0%) 

7/17 - 3,910 (+2.9%)

7/16 - 3,259 (+2.5%)

7/15 - 3,257 (+2.5%)

7/14 - 4,273 (+3.5%) 

7/13 - 1,357 (+1.1%)

7/12 - 2,537 (+2.1%)

7/11 - 3,038 (+2.6%)

7/10 - 4,221 (+3.7%)

  7/9 - 4,057 (3.7%)

  7/8 - 3,520

  7/7 - 3,653

  7/6 - 3,352

  7/5 - 3,536

  7/4 - 2,695

  7/3 - 4,433

  7/2 - 3,333

  7/1 - 4,878


Number of Deaths:

3,063 (+89) - as compared to 2,974 (7/22) 

Number of Tests:

1,037,924 - as compared to 1,027,125 (7/22) 

Hospital Assets In-Use:  

Acute Care Beds:  85%, up from yesterday’s 84%

ICU Beds:  87%, up from yesterday’s 86%

Ventilators:  51%, up from yesterday’s 50%


Arizona Department of Health Services - Coronavirus Home

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code


Governor and Government Agency News Release

Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order Improving Voting Safety, Staffing - Office of the Governor  NEW

Municipal Government Face Coverings Declarations - League of Arizona Cities and Towns  ONGOING



Political Potpourri  UPDATED DAILY

Where Did Coronavirus Originate? Inside the Hunt to Find Out - Time

At Least 76% of American Voters Can Cast Ballots by Mail in the Fall - The Washington Post

In Struggle Against Pandemic, Populist Leaders Fare Poorly - Associated Press

NFL Announces Mask Mandate for Fans - TheHill

The Weirdest Baseball Season Ever is Here - Axios

Cafeteria Worker on White House Grounds Tests Positive for COVID-19 - TheHill


Arizona News Stories  UPDATED DAILY

Focus on Public Health

Health Official: Masks, Executive Orders Help Stabilize Coronavirus Spread -  KJZZ

Why Masks With Breathing Valves Don't Stop Spread of New Coronavirus - The Arizona Republic

COVID-19 Modelers Suggest Keeping Current Restrictions in Place for Now. Here’s Why - The Arizona Republic

Are Arizona Kids ‘More at Risk’ Than Ever Due to COVID-19, Recession? - KJZZ

Here's Why Some Arizonans Are Waiting 12 Days for COVID-19 Results - The Arizona Republic

Veterans Hospitals in Phoenix, Tucson Treating Non-Veteran COVID-19 Patients - The Arizona Republic

University of Arizona Expands Free Antibody Test Program for Essential Workers, Plans Study COVID-19 Immunity - The Arizona Republic

UA Partners With AZ Expand COVID-19 Antibody Testing - KJZZ

ICU Nurse Took A Stand Against ‘Reopen’ Protests. Here’s What She Says Now That COVID-19 Cases Have Surged - The Arizona Republic

Navajo Nation Extends Closure of Government Offices - Associated Press

Navajo Nation Remains Cautious About Reopening - Fronteras

Contact Tracing Used to Help Slow COVID-19 Spread - KJZZ

UA Alum Develops Confidential Contract Tracing App - KJZZ


Focus on Governor and Agency Enforcement

Judge Rules Arizona Governor Acted Legally in Blocking Evictions - Arizona Daily Star

Ducey's Executive Order Pledges State Resources for Elections - KJZZ

Disability and Civil Rights Groups: Crisis Standards of Care Plan Discriminates - KJZZ


Focus on Economy and Unemployment

Gov. Ducey Wants Congress to Extend $600 Weekly Federal Unemployment Benefit - Arizona Daily Star

Airbnb Suspends, Removes Listings for 50 Party Houses Across Arizona — most in Phoenix and Scottsdale - The Arizona Republic

Focus on Education

Pressure Builds on Arizona Governor to Base School Reopening on COVID-19 Data - Arizona Daily Star

'Not Ready': Teachers Across Arizona Stage 'Motor Marches' to Protest School Reopenings - The Arizona Republic

OPINION: Here’s the Strongest Signal Yet That Ducey May Be Leaning Toward Reopening Schools - The Arizona Republic

Maricopa County Urges Reliance on Data in School Reopening Decision - KJZZ

Flagstaff’s Public Charter Schools Release Plans for Remote, Hybrid Learning - Arizona Daily Sun




National News Stories  UPDATED DAILY 

Focus on Public Health

U.S. Records 2,600 New Coronavirus Cases Every Hour as Total Approaches Four Million - Reuters

The Country Reported More Cases in the Last Two Weeks Than it Did for All of June - CNN

Fauci: COVID-19 is “Almost Your Worst Nightmare” - Axios

Can Widespread Mask Use Prevent Lockdowns Where the Virus is Surging? - National Public Radio

Trump’s End Run Around CDC Brings Threat of Fewer Drugs for Hospitals - POLITICO

Senate GOP and White House Strike Deal on $16 Billion for Coronavirus Testing - TheHill

US Labs Buckle Amid Testing Surge; World Virus Cases Top 15M - Associated Press

Quest Expects COVID-19 Tests Turnaround Time at 'Acceptable' Levels by September - Reuters

Why COVID-19 Testing Delays Are a Huge Problem  - Time

COVID-19 Immunity Might Fade After 90 Days, Study Finds - United Press International

Face-Mask Mandates Expand as U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 142,000 - Wall Street Journal

Can You Get Covid Again? It’s Very Unlikely, Experts Say - New York Times

U.S. Hospitalizations for the Coronavirus Near April Peak - New York Times

Trump Says Briefings Without Health Experts Are a “Concise Way of Doing it” - Axios

Fauci Says We Aren't Winning Against Coronavirus, Calls it Health Experts' 'Worst Nightmare’ - Newsweek 

Amid Rising Coronavirus Deaths, Trump Paints a Rosy Picture of America’s Present and Future - The Washington Post

59% of Trump Supporters Want to Jail or Fine People Who Refuse Face Masks - Newsweek

Nine-Year-Old Girl is the Youngest to Die From Coronavirus in Florida - CNN

Insurance Companies Battle Their Clients Over the Coronavirus - Axios


Focus on Education

Analysis:  DeVos’s Claim That Children Are ’Stoppers’ of COVID-19 - The Washington Post

Birx: CDC to Issue School Reopening Advice This Week - Axios

Georgia's Largest School District to Start School Year Online - TheHill

Parents Turn to “Pods” as a Schooling Solution - Adios

Trump Says He is Comfortable Having His Son And Grandchildren Back in Schools - Reuters

CDC Director Says He Would Send His Grandchildren Back To School, Keeping Schools Closed Will Have 'Negative Consequences’ - Newsweek

NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Betsy DeVos Over Aid Money for Schools - National Public Radio 

Special Education Lawsuits Are Growing During the COVID-19 Pandemic - National Public Radio

Adjunct Professors: Jobs Are Low on Pay and Health Benefits With High COVID Risk - Kaiser Health News


Focus on State and Local Governments

 Donald Trump Slams Democrats Over Virus Lockdowns: 'Everything Will Open Up' After the Election - Washington Times

Coronavirus Cases Are Falling in These 9 States - Newsweek

Coronavirus Infections are Slowing Down in Critical Hotspots - Axios

Dr. Birx Says Coronavirus Test Results Take 'Too Long' to Process in the South - Newsweek

States Search for Ways to Deal With COVID-19 Testing Backlogs - Kaiser Health News

California Now Has Most COVID-19 Cases; Indiana, Ohio Mandate Masks - United Press International

Medicaid Mystery: Millions of Enrollees Haven’t Materialized in California - Kaiser Health News

COVID Runs Amok in 3 Detroit-Area Jails, Killing At Least 2 Doctors - Kaiser Health News

Rand Paul Calls for Cuomo to Be Impeached Over Coronavirus Response - TheHill

Texas Breaks Its Daily Record of Coronavirus Deaths - Newsweek

Red vs. Red in Texas, With Republicans Battling One Another After Mask Order - New York Times

Texas County Stores Bodies in Trucks as State Sets One-Day Record for COVID-19 Deaths - Reuters


Focus on Vaccine

A Vaccine Progress Report - Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Commits to Buying Millions of Vaccine Doses. Why That’s Unusual - New York Times

U.S. Sets Global Benchmark for COVID-19 Vaccine Price at Around the Cost of a Flu Shot - Reuters

Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Deal Touted by Trump - Washington Times

Promise and Prevention: Experts Discuss the Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine - Reuters

President Trump Says 'Give Me Therapeutics' Over COVID-19 Vaccine - Newsweek


Focus on Economy and Unemployment

Unemployment Claims Rose Last Week for First Time in Months Amid Coronavirus Surge - US News & World Report

New Unemployment Insurance Claims Rise for the First Time Since March - The Washington Post

New Unemployment Claims Are Up for the First Time in 4 Months - National Public Radio

In Picking Up Work Here and There, Many Miss Out on Unemployment Check - New York Times

U.S. Eviction Bans Are Ending. That Could Worsen the Spread of Coronavirus - Reuters

Senate, White House Reach Agreement on COVID-19 Relief Bill - United Press International 

Mnuchin: Payroll Tax Cut Won't Be in GOP Coronavirus Bill - TheHill

'It's a Mess': Congress Prepares to Lurch Over Unemployment Aid Cliff - POLITICO

Senate GOP Struggles to Finalize $1 Trillion Coronavirus Bill - The Washington Post

GOP Senators and White House Tentatively Agree on Part of Coronavirus Aid Bill - National Public Radio

Republicans to Start Unveiling Coronavirus Package Thursday - TheHill

GOP May Face Choice on Tax Cut or Stimulus Checks - TheHill

Tea Party Rises Up Against McConnell's $1 Trillion Relief Plan - TheHill

Republicans, Deeply Divided on Virus Aid, Near Agreement on Opening Offer - New York Times

White House, GOP Agree to Virus Testing But Aid Bill Shifts - Associated Press

Mark Meadows Walks Back Possibility of Extending $600-A-Week Unemployment Payments - Forbes

Small Businesses Brace for Prolonged Crisis, Short on Cash and Customers - Wall Street Journal

Housing market defies expectations amid economic turmoil - POLITICO

Low Mortgage Rates Fuel Jump in Home Sales - Wall Street Journal

American and Southwest Rethink Summer Flight Adds as Demand Stalls - Reuters




International News Stories  UPDATED DAILY

China Reports 18 More COVID-19 Cases in Xinjiang - Associated Press

Tokyo Reports Record Number of New Coronavirus Cases - US News & World Report

'Just Got to Suck it Up:' Masks Mandatory in Australian City - Associated Press

World in Isolation, a Surge of New Users for Twitter - Associated Press




Arizona  Department of Health Service Guidance 

Requirements for Business  

Guidance for Organized Youth Activities 

Guidance for Casinos

Guidance for Theaters

Guidance for Shopping Malls 

Guidance for Places of Worship

Guidance for Spas, Massage Therapists and Personal Services

Guidance for Retail

Guidance for Pools

Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Providers

Guidance for Restaurants Providing Dine-In Services 

Guidance for Barbers and Cosmetologists




Arizona Department of Education Guidance 

Roadmap for Reopening Schools

Considerations for Leaders in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Teachers in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Students in Reopening Schools

Considerations for Families in Reopening Schools




Pandemics Explained - Harvard Global Health Institute 

The COVID Tracking Project  

COVID-19 - Receiving IRS Economic Impact Payments -  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

COVID-19 State Action Center - National Academy for State Health Policy 

COVID-19 Screening Tool - Apple and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill:  What It Means For States - National Conference of State Legislatures  

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act:  Summary of Key Health Provisions - Kaiser Family Foundation  

Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience:  Massive Scale Testing, Tracing, and Supported Isolation (TTSI) as the Path to Pandemic Resilience for a Free Society - Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University


Gubernatorial Executive Orders Issued to Date

Protecting the Public’s Right to Vote - July 22, 2020  NEW

Continued Postponement of Eviction Enforcement Actions - July 16, 2020 

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - July 9, 2020  

Limited Indoor Dining - July 9, 2020  

Extending the Termination Date of Programs - July 1, 2020 

Protecting Public Health for Students and Teachers - June 29, 2020  

Pausing of Arizona’s Reopening - June 29, 2020  

Renewal of Executive Order 2020-27 (The Good Samaritan Order) - June 25, 2020  

2020-2021 School Year - June 24, 2020  

Containing the Spread of COVID-19, Continuing Arizona Mitigation Efforts - June 17, 2020 

Ensuring Statewide Access to Care for COVID-19 Arizona Surge Line - May 28, 2020 

Assisting Arizona Families with Child Care - May 28, 2020  

Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger – May 12, 2020 

Reporting By Nursing Care Institutions, Residential Care Institutions, ICF-IIDs And DD Medical Group Homes To Residents And Families Regarding COVID-19 – May 4, 2020  

Building On COVID-19 Success - Resuming Additional  Business Operations for Barbers, Cosmetologists and Dine-in Restaurants – May 4, 2020  

Return Stronger — Amending the Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Order – April 29, 2020  

Requesting Exemption From Executive Order 2020-10 Elective Surgeries – April 22, 2020 

Expanding Food Options for Commercial Vehicle Drivers - April 15, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - April 14, 2020

Increased Telemedicine Access for Workers’ Compensation - April 14, 2020

On the Job Training for Assisted Living Facility Caregivers - April 14, 2020

The “Good Samaritan Order” Protecting Frontline Healthcare Workers Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak - April 9, 2020

Remote Online Notarization - April 8, 2020

Flexible Food Item &. Sale of Goods at Restaurants - April 8, 2020

Requirements for Individuals Traveling to Arizona - April 8, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - April 8, 2020

Protection of Vulnerable Residents at Nursing Care Institutions, Residential Care Institutions, ICF-IIDs and DD Medical Group Homes from COVID-19 - April 8, 2020

Prohibiting Small Business Evictions - April 7, 2020

Expanding Access to Pharmacies - April 2, 2020

Telemedicine for Pets and Animals - April 1, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected - March 30, 2020

Continuity of Work - March 26, 2020

Increasing Hospital Capacity for COVID-19 Preparedness - March 26, 2020

Expansion of Telemedicine - March 25, 2020

Postponement of Eviction Actions - March 24, 2020

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory - March 23, 2020

Prohibiting the Closure of Essential Services - March 23, 2020

Ensuring Individuals Whose Employment is Affected by COVID-19 Have Access to Unemployment Insurance - March 20, 2020

Delaying Elective Surgeries to Conserve Personal Protective Equipment Necessary to Test and Treat Patients with COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

Limiting the Operations of Certain Businesses to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

Limiting In-Person Motor Vehicle Division Visits for License Driver Renewals - March 19, 2020

Protective Measures to Protect Against COVID-19 - March 19, 2020


County Government Resources 

Apache County

Cochise County

Coconino County

Gila County

Graham County

Greenlee County

La Paz County

Maricopa County

Mohave County

Navajo County

Pima County

Pinal County

Santa Cruz County

Yavapai County

Yuma County